Overview ❤️

This Valentines day, we felt called to create a bundle of love, a collection of tools that people use in their daily lives to feel alive.

We released daily prompts, daily polls, and sparked dozens of DM conversations…

The result: A collection of 3 meditations, 7 gratitudes, 8 perspectives, 15 practices, and 34 songs that the VST community is using to embody an energy of infinite love.

In total, this resources represents 50+ people coming together to create 50+ new choices that you can use to experience life more fully.

We are so grateful for everyone who participated, and honoured to share this resource with you.

Happy exploring ❤️

Table of Contents 🤓

💪 Part 1: Practices

🌈 Part 1.1: Guided Meditations

🎸 Part 1.2: Songs

💭 Part 2: Perspectives

✨ Part 2.1: Gratitudes

💌 Part 3: Special Invitation

💪 Part 1: Practices

In this section, we explore physical practices that the VST community is using to embody feelings of love.